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Kuna Toucan review

Kuna's $199 Toucan has a bunch of the basic outdoor camera stuff: HD video resolution, a motion sensor, alerts, a related app, two-way talk and cloud storage. But the best bit is that it also retrofits to existing outdoor wall lights via a USB cable, which means no batteries, no wires and no fuss.


19 outdoor cameras that take home security seriously

Rather than trying to decide among a ton of identical-looking standard-definition devices, today's DIY market is flooded with a wide variety of high-definition outdoor-rated models. Read on to discover the wide world of outdoor home security.

Smart home security are getting more accessible nowadays. The cost is relatively low and most don’t require any form of professional installation. However, most home security systems only alert you after a break-in has already occurred. What is needed is a preventive security system that stops break-ins before they happen. The Kuna Smart Security is such a system.


The state of smart home integrations

Apple recently announced that it would be partnering with a slew of smart home companies to bring HomeKit to their products, which is anticipated to have a huge impact on consumer adoption and the industry overall.

Home surveillance cameras are getting more popular with each passing year as technology improves and prices drop. Here are some practical uses for home surveillance cameras, some which may surprise you.


Smart Outdoor Security Light

Kuna is a smart wifi camera and intercom built into an outdoor light. Before entering, most burglars knock or ring the doorbell to see if a house is empty. Kuna detects the visitor and immediately sends an alert to your phone.


Kuna Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera

Before coming into, most burglars knock or ring the doorbell to see if a home is empty. Kuna detects the customer and instantly sends an alert to your telephone.


Is This the House of the Future?

Kuna Security System ($199)
A discreet security system disguised in a lighting fixture that allows you to remotely monitor entry points to your home via an app.

Lights, camera, security! The Kuna does much more than just light your doorway. Equipped with an intercom and a wireless camera, The Kuna lets you see when visitors approach your door and allows you to interact with them through an accompanying mobile app.

Security cameras have improved significantly over time. Most are now wireless and run on your home’s Wi-Fi network. Most capture HD video. And current-generation cameras have been designed to look much better inside and outside the home.


Smarthome gadgets: Porch light has built-in surveillance

The Kuna light fixture with security camera is probably one of the better-looking smarthome devices I’ve used. It installs easily and works well as a front-door light while adding a layer of home security.

The Kuna app was a bit of fresh air. From hardware manufactures, we typically find their mobile apps are a second thought to their primary focus. Perhaps it’s because the app is created by their technology partner, but either way it worked incredibly well as was super easy to use. The advanced motion detection feature within the software also allows you to tell the app if motion was triggered by something like wind going through leaves, which in turn likely adjusts the motion sensitivity.


IoT News Roundup

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this week, Apple made a number of announcements regarding HomeKit, its smart home hub.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13, the company announced its app, Home, will be released alongside iOS 10 in the fall. That means you’ll be able to control all your HomeKit-compatible devices through a single app, or using your iPhone’s Control Center.


The Best Home Security Cameras of 2016

Want to keep an eye on what's happening at home when you're not there? These Wi-Fi-connected cameras let you spy from anywhere.


Porch Guards: Making Your Front Door Smart

I recently read that home burglaries are down significantly at houses bearing security cameras at the front door. Not sure how accurate that is, but the premise is certainly understandable: Would-be thieves may well think twice about entering your house, if they know their image is being captured.

Startups aren’t for the faint of heart. Although I’ve been engrossed in the startup scene and have started a successful one myself, I’m still constantly learning every single day. One of the key aspects that’s often hard to master—and maybe even impossible—is knowing the steps to maintain a successful startup.

“People are moving away from buying things that they have and own,” said Haomiao Huang, cofounder and CTO of Kuna Systems, which makes a light fixture with a built-in camera. “It’s more about buying a service or access to things. In the future, we probably won’t even own a car. We’re going to have Uber and self-driving cars that drive you around.”


10 hottest smart home gadgets of CES 2016

From self-cleaning toilets to devices that will train your pet while you’re at work, clear space in your home for these upcoming gadgets that wowed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show


Kuna Smart Light With Camera Review

The Kuna Smart Light With Camera is an outdoor porch security light with camera. It can be used to monitor your main entry points and other areas. It has a motion sensor which can activate the light and to send you alerts to your phone that there is someone approaching or at your door.

The only problem for anyone looking to make their smart home smarter is that they often get confused to know which smart devices are actually meant for their purpose, and which ones are not that useful. Don’t worry; we’re going to tell you about some of the useful smart home products that can turn your regular home into a smart home. These four smart gadgets are simply great to start with.



Have you ever worried about the security of your home, both while at home, and while away from it? If you have, rest assured that you are not along, most everyone has. Whether it be while away on vacation, while working from the office, or home in bed after hearing a noise from outside, a little bit of self-assurance that everything is alright, is always desirable. This is where Kuna steps in.


Kuna Home Security Camera Review

The Kuna is a home security camera built into an exterior light fixture to provide not just adequate home security, but make your house look even better with a new porch light.


5 Home Security Tips You Can’t Ignore

Keeping your home safe isn’t as complicated as you might think. With five simple home security tips, you can make your home less of a target and stay safe from intruders.


15 Devices to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

Kuna is a smart home security system that features Wi-Fi camera with intercom built into an outdoor light. It detects people coming to your home and allows you to see and speak to them using your smartphone, from anywhere.

At this year’s CES show, this concept was taken a step further with technology like Kuna, a smart home security security system that we recently covered. What’s impressive is that it’s built into the light fixture itself so it really is hidden.


Boom times for Consumer Data, Data Centers

Home surveillance cameras, networked solutions like Kuna's Toucan and the 119 other "new" and "revolutionary" video products rolled out at CES last week, are proliferating so you can see what is going on inside and outside the home.


14 CES 2016 Security Innovations

The CES 2016 security innovations range from family-friendly products such as facial recognition doorbells to ultra-personal items such as anti-theft travel bags. Indeed, the security innovations on display at CES 2016 reveal that consumers are increasingly concerned with their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them.



These days, unless you're a wizard enrolled in Hogwarts, cameras are making it increasingly difficult not to be seen, especially within the confines of your own home.

The challenge is how to make sure your Wi-Fi security cameras and nanny cams aren't seen. Why would you want to alert a potential intruder that you're watching or recording them? So, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past week, clever engineers presented a collection of carefully camouflaged cameras.


14 CES 2016 Security Innovations

The CES 2016 security innovations range from family-friendly products such as facial recognition doorbells to ultra-personal items such as anti-theft travel bags. Indeed, the security innovations on display at CES 2016 reveal that consumers are increasingly concerned with their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them.


CES 2016: Newest Wi-Fi Security Cameras Do More Than Capture Video

Kuna: Wi-Fi security cameras has one other limitation beyond movement and power. The device can only provide security once someone is inside your home. Kuna is, or are, a smart Wi-Fi camera and intercom (Craftsman, Traditional, Contemporary, $199) built into a series of fancy outdoor lighting sconces.

One of the most exciting smart home products around that doesn’t get a lot of attention is Kuna, which makes a WiFi security camera that’s integrated into an accompanying porch light fixture. However, the company has announced a new product that lets you use the security camera with your existing light fixture.


LEDs That Watch Over Your Home

Kuna makes home security systems that are outdoor lighting fixtures with a smart Wi-Fi camera built-in. For existing outdoor lights there’s Toucan, seen above. This retrofit has all the same features and functions as Kuna’s fixtures and is powered by the same mobile app. A camera detects movement at your door and alerts you via your smartphone, so you can see who’s at the door and talk with visitors or detect intruders. Toucan will be available mid-year at Amazon.


CES 2016 Day 3 - Kuna

Kuna is a smart Wi-Fi camera built into an outdoor light fixture that detects people at your door and lets you see and interact with them through your smartphone. Kuna’s security system proactively alerts homeowners of possible intruders, rather than reacting to a break-in attempt and reporting it afterward.

Displayed at this year's CES 2016 event in Las Vegas, the Kuna Toucan is a home security device that can be conveniently attached to existing light fixtures. The outdoor gadget is ideal for home owners who are looking for a discreet security solution and transforms common porch lights into high-tech security tools.


It's A Smart Home Boomtown At The Sands

To paraphrase a certain real-estate mogul and presidential candidate, smart-home technology at CES and in 2016 will be “yuge.”


CES 2016 Meeting with Kuna

CES is upon us and we are learning just how crazy the show room floor can be. One of the great products we had the opportunity to learn about today was Kuna, the smart home security system that’s built into an outdoor lighting fixture. It makes for keeping your home secure and lighted from anywhere.

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest gathering of consumer tech in the world, and it is set to kick off this week in Las Vegas. Here at Josh.ai, we’re always following the latest trends in smart home technology, and this year’s offering at CES is sure to excite any enthusiast. Here are a three quick things to look for when checking out the show this year:

Several weeks ago I asked all the members of the Gadgeteer team to send me a list of their favorite products from this past year. I told them that their lists didn’t need to be restricted to gadgets that they had personally reviewed in 2015, but that they could include any products that they have enjoyed using over the course of the past year.


Our Top Five Smart Home Products of 2015

One of the very first smart home products that we reviewed in 2015 and is still one of our favorites. Having tested it now for nearly 6 months, it only keeps getting better with firmware and product updates.

TMC announced today the recipients of the 2015 Connected Home and Building Award, presented by IoT Evolution magazine. ­­The award honors organizations delivering software or hardware solutions which enable the advancement of the smart home and building industry.


Today in Gear: December 8, 2015

This outdoor smart light doubles as a home security camera with a video feed viewable via smartphone, and it can sound an alarm when its adaptive motion sensors recognize an unusual visitor to deter potential intrusions.


Technology helps fight against theft of packages

This is the new age of combating thieves who steal packages from doorsteps, a growing problem as more Americans shop online. The old stand-by solutions, paying extra for signature delivery, sending packages to the office or getting a post-office box, are meeting their technological match.


Connected Objects: the key to success

How can you explain why users are instantly attracted to some connected objects, while other inventions are condemned to fill the cemetery of promising devices that never quite make it with the public? Haomiao Huang, co-founder and CTO of Kuna Systems – a Burlingame, California-based startup which has developed a break-in prevention system for the home – provided the audience at the RE.WORK connect summit, held in mid-November in San Francisco, with the answer.


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Buy for: The high-tech homeowner

Ever wonder who stops by your house when you're not home? The Kuna light fixture lets you see and speak to visitors at your front door from your cell phone.

Home security isn’t something to take lightly. Having external cameras on your property can boost your home security, and the Kuna lighting and camera combination provides a stylish alternative to standard outdoor security cameras.


Kuna review

At a glance, the Kuna home security light ($199) looks like an ordinary porch light. But upon closer inspection, it becomes obvious that it is anything but ordinary.


Maximus Smart Security Light Packs in an HD Camera

We’ve always said that smart lighting can be a great addition to any home security setup. Now, one company is making smart outdoor light fixtures a must for home security.


Protecting Your Home? Get Kuna

Protecting your loved ones and property is a core concern for many people. The people at Kuna Systems, a break-in prevention solution for homeowners, are eager to help.


Review of the KUNA Integrated Smart Home Security Light

The real advantage of the KUNA Integrated Smart Home Security Light is its overall qualities. Whether it’s the advanced protection and security measures or the convenience of use, it does these things exceptionally well. Not to mention the cost.

Based on an FBI crime report, one in every thirty-six homes in the United States is expected to be burglarized this year and each burglar averages out to about $2,200 worth of stolen property which represents $4.7 billion in total properly losses across the United States. While the financial loss is definitely prudent, the longer term psychological effects can be greater. So how does one prevent a break-in? Well, for starters you could install a fancy security system which can sound off an alarm or call the police WHEN your house is broken into. Your other option is to install a Kuna, which can keep the burglars outside your home without ever testing to see if you have a security system.


Maximus Smart Security Light review

I really like the look, quality and functionality of the Maximus Smart Security Light. It is a great, stealthy way to add security and awareness to your home. For being a first generation home connect smart-device and application, the overall experience is very polished. Considering other wireless, smart surveillance systems…at $200, the Maximus is a solid bang for the buck that is very understated and well executed.

Every year nearly $2,230 are lost per burglary in the U.S. break-ins where 34% burglars are found to be entering from the front door. That’s more like welcoming a guest only to have your precious possessions gone in the next few minutes. This needs to be sorted before the crime rate increases further and makes it really terrible for the common man to survive without their house facing a burglary sometime or the other. Most of the times these break-ins take place when you’re not at home or have kids and elderly parents resting indoors. You can’t put their lives at stake given the fact that these burglars are not “good” people. So, how do you tackle the whole thing?

A new personal security system named after a peak in California’s Yosemite National Park is trying to stand out in the nascent market for tech gadgets protecting the home.

Kuna Systems is marketing its product - an outdoor light with a built-in, digital camera connected to smart devices via Wi-Fi - as a prophylactic against predators. “We’re pushing on the preventive angle,” explained the company’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Haomiao Huang. “Other security devices are for after you know a break-in has happened. They are not particularly effective.”


Kuna Home Break-in Prevention Device [iOS/Android]

Meet Kuna: a smart camera in an outdoor light that helps you detect break-ins. It is a smart Wi-Fi camera with intercom that detects people coming to your home and lets you speak to them using your smartphone. The device can also serve as an alarm siren when you need it to. The system features a HD camera, microphone, speaker, siren, person detection, and remote light control. You get various modes, including a motion activated light mode, to keep get more out of your Kuna.

Led by Makers Sai-Wai Fu and Haomiao Huang, the Kuna team has launched the first effective break-in prevention solution: a smart Wi-Fi camera with an intercom built into an outdoor light fixture. In other words, think of it as your digital doorman that detects those approaching your door and allows you to interact with them via smartphone.

Keeping one's home safe has largely transitioned away from reliance on traditional home security companies and towards utilizing the devices and services we already have, namely smartphones and a home WiFi network. Numerous connected devices designed for home security are available, most of them revolving around either motion sensors or cameras that shuttle information to one's mobile device. The Kuna is no exception, but comes with an elegant twist: it is a camera-toting connected light fixture that users install next to their home's door, making it as stylish and unassuming as it is functional.


Meet Your New Digital Doorman

This looks like it has potential to be a great tool to communicate with guests when you can't get to the door, and more importantly, a good way to deter unwanted or even potentially dangerous visitors by letting them know you are home — all without an in-person confrontation. In other good news, you don't have to be an AV pro to install this; it's a DIY setup and this system can just replace your current outdoor light.

Kuna’s solution is to basically combine a streaming video camera like a Dropcam with an outdoor light. It has a speaker and microphone, so you can use it as a two-way intercom. And because it’s a light, you can use Kuna’s app to turn it on or off on a schedule, or when something — or someone — trips its motion detector. It’s $99 as part of an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, with an eventual plan to sell it for $269 early next year, bundled with a $5 per month service that lets you save footage to the cloud.